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Who's Who

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Senior Leadership Team






Head Teacher


Mrs R Walsh




Deputy Head Teacher




Mrs H Newman











Nursery - Ducklings

 Mrs K


 Reception - Mice Mrs L Hutchings 
 Year 1 - Birds Mrs L  
 Year 2 - Hedgehogs Mrs J Pryke

 Year 3 - Squirrels Mrs L 
 Year 4 - Owls Miss R  
 Year 5 - Badgers Miss M Williams

 Year 6 - Foxes Miss H Lloyd

 French teacher Mr N Nesbitt 
 PPA/Class Teacher  Mrs A  
 Class Teacher - on MAT Leave Miss E Oliva   
 PPA/Class Teacher Mrs H  

Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Corbett

Mrs J Martin

Miss G Lauwers

Miss M Watson

Miss K Lockwood

Mrs N Jenner

Mrs D Matthews

Mrs E Perkins

Mrs A Cassar    

Mrs C Moss

Mrs S Taylor

Miss L McChesney

Mrs R Morriss


Woodlands (Wrap Around Care Team)

Wrap Around Care Manager                   Mr J Morris

Miss K O'Brien

Mrs L Moore

Mrs R Morriss

Mrs E Silver

Miss L McChesney


Support Staff

School Business Manager- Mrs L Hatton

School Administrator- Miss A Vassili

Site Manager - Mr M Madden




Applications Now Open For Our Ducklings Nursery for September 2023