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Mill MeadPrimary SchoolAn inspirational learning community, where our children thrive today and tomorrow



At Mill Mead, we follow the My Mastery programme for teaching mathematics. Together, our vision is that every child succeeds in Maths, regardless of their background. The Mathematics programme is based on three core principles: to provide learners with a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical principles, the ability to confidently communicate in precise mathematical language and support pupils to develop their mathematical thinking.


Our curriculum intent and our school values, to be Honest   Respectful   Resilient   Kind   Brave  Responsible   Reflective, influence our approach to the teaching of mathematics through a mastery approach. We begin our mastery approach to mathematics in Reception and continue through to the end of Year 6. We are passionate about achievement for all children in mathematics, which is why we chose the My Mastery programme. We encourage our children to remain ambitious in all their pursuits. Every child has the ‘ability’ to achieve well and we support this by developing children’s resilience and curiosity in mathematics.


We believe that all children will progress further through the use of a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. Most importantly, representing ideas in different forms helps children to deepen their understanding and enables them to apply their skills to different contexts.By using a concrete, pictorial and and abstract approach, we are ensuring that all pupils can access the curriculum by using their preferred method of learning, be it visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.


We encourage resilience, adaptability and acceptance that struggle is often a necessary step in learning. Our curriculum allows children to better make sense of the world around them, by making connections between mathematics and everyday life. In short, we are preparing the children at Mill Mead for a confident future.