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Uniform Information

School uniforms can be purchased from Kids Connection in Hertford.  


We also sell second-hand uniforms at the school office. Please contact the team on if you would like to purchase second-hand uniform. 


Further information can be found in our Uniform Policy under the Policies tab.


The school uniform consists of the following compulsory items:


Any single colour polo shirt

Dark trousers (leggings are not accepted as suitable) - blue, black or grey may be worn by boys and girls.

Dark skirt or pinafore - blue, black or grey.

Plain dark tights to be worn only with winter uniform.

Dark tailored shorts (no cycling shorts) blue, black or grey.

A Navy branded cardigan or jumper. 


A school summer dress or two-piece outfit, lilac and white gingham may be worn from after the Spring break until the autumn half term. Two-piece outfits must be worn together and not as separates. Summer dresses must not be worn with tights.


Shoes: Any black or navy blue traditional fitted shoes or fitted sandals with closed toes. Trainers are not part of our school uniform other than when children are wearing active uniform on PE days. In extreme weather conditions, children will need to wear boots but will also require school shoes with them. Boots should not be worn in school. Children should bring trainers to school if they wish to use the timber trails at break and lunchtime.


School hat: Mill Mead (royal) blue baseball cap worn for PE sessions and in the playground during the summer months. These hats are also worn during school trips. 


Coats: All pupils to have a coat at school either waterproof or warm, according to the weather. Hats, gloves and scarves will be expected during colder weather.


Hair: All children who have hair that falls below collar length must have their hair tied up. This applies to boys and girls alike. Shorter hair must be kept off the face using Alice bands or clips. Shaved hair patterns are not permitted.


Watches: Pupils may wear wristwatches from Year 2 upwards provided they are not a distraction. 


Jewellery: No jewellery should be worn to school. Only single ear piercings are allowed. Ears that are to be pierced, should be done so over the summer holiday to allow time for healing. Pupils with pierced ears may wear studs. Earrings should not be worn on PE days. Freshly pierced ears need to be covered by a plaster, provided from home.


Swimming Costumes: please see our Uniform Policy for further information. You will be notified of the uniform requirements when your child is due to have swimming lessons. 


Non-Uniform Days: Clothes must be suitable for playing and working at school. Shoulders, tummies and large areas of flesh should never be bared.


PE Kit/Active Uniform: Blue PE shorts, blue PE branded polo shirt with school logo, blue PE joggers, blue branded PE fleece and a pair of socks for those who wear tights in the winter. Outdoor trainers for PE and to go on playground equipment. PE kits should be worn to school on PE days.


Shoe Bag: A drawstring bag of any colour for storing shoes that are not being worn. 


Book Bag for EYFS and KS1: Dark blue bag with school logo. Zip-lock style wallet for reading books and reading records.


Rucksack for KS2: Dark blue rucksack with school logo.


Water Bottle: Filled with water only, a sports top is advisable as they are less prone to spillage. Bottles can be re-filled as necessary by the jugs of water that are available but should be taken home every day for washing.

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