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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


If you would like to contact our Chair or Vice Chair of Governors please use the following email address


Governor Other Roles Committee Type of Governor Appoint. By Date of Appoint. End of Term Governor of another establishment Register of Interestes
Rhiannon Leary Chair S&PF S&PF Co-Opted Governing Body 19/05/16 18/05/20 No *
Sue Nesbitt-Larking Head Teacher S&PF & Resources Head Teacher Governing Body 01/01/05   No Employment of son and husband
Carol Huffington Lead Governor: Safeguarding S&PF Local Authority Governing Body 01/09/14 31/08/18 No  
Anna Ascough Lead Governor: SEN Resources Parent Elected by parents 18/10/16 17/10/20 No  
Tom Handysides Vice Chair Resources Parent Elected by parents 14/03/17 13/03/21 No *
Mark Price Chair of Governors S&PF & Resources Parent Elected by parents  17/07/14 16/07/18 No  
Victoria Smith   S&PF Staff Elected by staff 10/12/14 09/12/18 No  
Alice Baldock                

Associated members:

Helen Newman Assistant Head S&PF Staff Governing Body 13/12/16   No  
Sarah Hare Assistant Rescouces Staff Governing Body 13/12/16   No  
Stood Down:                
Paul Hilder Lead Governor; H&S Resources Parent Elected by parents 11/06/14 10/06/18 No  
Rob Lock Deputy Head S&PF & Resources Co-Opted Governing Body 10/10/12 31/12/16 Kingsmore Academy  
Simon Newland COG, COR, Lead Governor: Pupil Premium S&PF & Resources Parents Elected by parents 11/6/14 11/6/18 No Director of Education HCC


 Governor Meeting Attendees


  Full Governing Body Resources Standards & Pupil Focus
  10.10 12.12 06.02 20.03 15.05 10.07 25.09 27.11 22.01 30.04 25.06 19.09 21.11 16.01 26.06
Simon Newland Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y   A          
Mark Price Y Y Y Y Y   A Y Y Y   Y Y Y  
Sue Nesbitt Y Y   Y Y   Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y  
Helen Newman Y   Y Y Y             Y   Y  
Sarah Hare       Y Y   Y Y Y            
Victoria Smith Y Y Y Y Y             Y Y Y  
Carol Huffington Y Y Y Y Y             Y Y Y  
Paul Hilder Y Y n/a n/a n/a n/a A Y n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Rhiannon Leary Y Y Y Y Y             Y      
Tom Handysides Y Y Y SKYPE Y   Y Y Y Y          
Anna Ascough Y Y Y Y SKYPE   Y Y Y Y          
Alice Baldock     Y Y Y                    
Michaela Turner         Y       Y Y          
Miranda Trenchard Y Y Y Y                      


Governor Meeting Terms 

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