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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 Class!

Week beginning 30/03/20


Hello to everyone! 

What a strange week it has been! I was in school for the first three days of last week with no more than 6 children. We had lots of fun but the days seemed very long without our normal timetable! We baked, gardened, pond dipped, were artistic and did some work as well. 


I've been really missing seeing all your faces and have made a video to say hello to you all. The link is here. 


I hope you've all enjoyed listening to Who Let the Gods Out? on the videos as well. I will delete these when we come back to school for copyright reasons but they will stay up until then.

If you are missing reading The Week newspaper, as I know so many of you enjoy it, there is an online version of it here


The work for the week is below along with various other attachments you might need for it. These range from videos I have made to online resources to worksheets (you don't have to print anything out). Some of the English is linked to a book on GetEpic so if your parents haven't accepted the link on the email they've been sent yet, they will need to do that. I've also tried English activities by using YouTube videos this week. Jane Considine is the lady that invented our fantastic and boomtastic characters and she is doing an online writing 'lesson' in 4 sessions every day. I thought it might be fun to try one of those out. Let me know what you think.


Maths is mainly practising column multiplication as I know that's something we all need to practise. I have uploaded some videos reminding you have to do them - you can watch them as many times as you want and just stick to the first ones if the later ones are a bit tricky for you. Have a times table square next to you if you are not secure on your tables (now's a great time to practise those too!). There are also some games you can play at home here 


I've set some SPAG for you this week but not any mathletics. However, you are still welcome to use it. Also, TTR is still up and running and Castle are way ahead of the tournament that finishes on Friday. Still time to catch up!


For a bit of fun, and if your family has time, you could try some of the #HomeTasking tasks from Taskmaster. These are really silly and are meant to just be a bit of fun. I would love to see any results as I watch all the videos put up by other people! 


Also for a bit of fun, my own choir leader, Duncan of Somewhere 2 Sing, is currently running children's sing-a-long sessions about 3 times a week. He's already done Matilda, The Lion King and I think he's planning on Mary Poppins this week. Just look up the public page Somewhere 2 Sing on Facebook. If you don't catch them live, they will be there after to watch and he gives the lyrics in advance. 


Finally, I would love to see some of the work you've been doing. Please do email me with updates on what you've been doing and some photos. Let me know what you think of Who Let the Gods Out? (Comments are disabled as it's a children's video) and send me some of your work if you can.


See you all soon!


The 5U teaching team

Miss Gilham

Mrs Lee

Mrs Matthews

Hello everyone! Start of week 2 video.

Here's a little message from me for the start of week 2. Hope you're all keeping well. Miss you all!

Who Let the Gods Out? Chapter 19

We're about 2/3 of the way through the book now, fact fans.

Who Let the Gods Out? Chapter 18

Sorry about the horizonal screen!

Who Let the Gods Out? Chapter 17

Sorry about the wait - I had issues with YouTube. You may hear Siri talking to me halfway through this - I have no idea which part of the story sounded like ...

lesson 1 2 digit x 1 digit

lesson 2 2 digit x 1 digit

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

lesson 3 3 digit x 1 digit

lesson 4 2 digit x 2 digit

lesson 5 2 digit x 2 digit

lesson 6 3 digit x 2 digit

Kitchen roll art example

Kitchen roll art example 1

Week beginning 23/03/20 home learning work

Who let the gods out? Chapter 16

You lot think my house is made of books so here's another double book shelf. I didn't realise the towels were in view though!

Who let the god out? Chapter 15

Here is chapter 15 in our class book. Hope you're enjoying them. Miss you all!

Who let the gods out? chapter 14

This is chapter 14 of our class book; Who Let the Gods Out?

Fantastics and boomtastics

Maths day 3

Maths day 4 and 5

Myth overview - suggested plan