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Year 4

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Friday, 3rd July 2020

Dear children


Well done on working so well this week. It was lovely to see so many of you and Miss Smith and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. We were impressed how quickly you adjusted to being in back in school, and with your learning. 


For English, I have changed the home learning to three days and we will work through a special Talk for Writing story* in class. Hopefully, we'll have lovely weather to enact parts of it. Please make sure you are studying the right lessons on the correct days!


For Maths, we are revisiting angles and shapes and I hope you will like 'Painting without Paint'. Have a look at 'The Wave' by Hokusai above, for inspiration; more information is available in the Art folder.


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!


Love from Miss Prendergast and  Miss Smith


* The Impossibly Possible Bookshop by Kat Pennington. (A charitable donation to the NSPCC has been made in support of this free Talk for Writing resource.)

Friday, 26th June 2020

(Updated 27/6/20)


Hello everyone


Well, it goes without saying that Miss Smith and I are looking forward to seeing you next week!


I am sure you're excited and relieved and yes, it will be strange having to adapt to new ways in the school and on the field. However, I am sure everything will fall into place!


When you're not in school, do your best to complete the daily Maths and English lessons in the order I have set them because Miss Smith and I will be teaching them in that way. As tempted as you might be, please don't jump ahead and remember the other learning available to you.


I am using White Rose Maths and have uploaded their helpful videos which you can stop and start to suit your pace of learning. Also included are worksheets. Try your best and if you get stuck, there are answers to discuss with your adult, and with us whenever we see you. (There is no Friday maths lesson at the moment.)


In the meantime, have a lovely weekend, continue to take care and see you on Monday!


Miss Prendergast, Miss Smith, Mrs Jenner and Ms Dimblebee


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Picture 1

19th June 2020


Dear all


Mrs Jenner and I loved seeing and speaking to you all during the Zoom sessions yesterday. Ms Dimblebee won't be able to attend them as she's with the Reception bubble on Thursdays and Miss Smith had technical difficulties with her device. However, Miss Smith will be joining us from next week. Hurray!


For next week's meetings, how about a 'Show and Tell'? Many of you have shared your learning with us over the past weeks, so it makes sense to continue with this idea. Perhaps you have written a poem, short story, made a D&T project, created a piece of art, made a garment, have a book recommendation you'd like to share or you wish to discuss a learning game, a gardening tip or a place you've visited . . .  whatever it is, we'd like to hear about it!  I will set time-limits but I'm investigating the practicalities of longer Zoom sessions too.


Here are a few Zoom groundrules I forgot to discuss with you - sorry!


  1. If you have a joke or riddle, please share it!  We may not have time to hear them all so those we don't hear can be saved for the following week.
  2. It's best to remain seated to minimise any background sounds (which I'll mute if they're too loud.)
  3. Remember, you can use your own mute button if you need to speak to or ask your adult a question.


'Live Maths' - Mathletics


On your 'Play' tab, you can compete in live maths games against: children around the world; the computer; other 4S pupils and me - if we're online. You'll gain Mathletics points and certificates with 'Live Maths' but be careful: if you get 3 questions wrong in a row you have to start again! You can set your own maths level with these games and still complete the Mathletics activities I set you. Up for the challenge? I can view your points for these games - so this means more Bronze and Silver certificates are waiting to be won! Who will be first to gain a Gold certificate?


Until next week. Take care children.


Miss Prendergast

12th June 2020

Dear children


Welcome back to another week of activities of which there are quite a few - you won't be able to complete them all so take time with your adult to select the ones that appeal to you the most. Hopefully, you will enjoy them.  The competitive spirit is alive and well in Mathletics – see the tally of certificates from 8th to 12th June below, along with a summary of how Mathletics makes awards. (I also carried out a spring clean of tasks so I can monitor your progress more closely and top up your activities when necessary.)


Bronze certificates

Silver certificates

Gold certificates




Earn 1000 points or more within a week to gain a Bronze certificate.

Once you've earned 5 Bronze certificates, you gain a Silver certificate.

Once 4 Silver certificates are earned, you receive a Gold certificate.

Only one certificate is awarded each week in order to encourage sustained study.


For English, if you choose to listen to the story of ‘Peter and the Wolf’, you might also like the musical production of the story, featuring children a little younger than yourselves performing the roles. The music is by the classical composer Sergei Prokofiev. (If you find the grammar lesson on ‘Punctuating Speech’ quite complex, don’t worry! Spend the time you can on it; break it into smaller chunks or stop once you have had enough.For those of you who have missed our singing lessons, I have uploaded Stop!, the anti-bullying rap we were learning last term, plus a few more favourites, including Can't Stop The Feeling, PLUS new songs specially curated for home learning. See the 'Charanga Yumu' folder for an overview. To access  these online music activities, your adults must email me for your individual login details.


Thank you Oliver for sharing the images of the recent 4S Bake-Off, resulting in mouth-watering and fabulously designed cakes! And thank you for organising this brilliant event. Everyone looked busy and happy and the final results were scrumptious! (Using my imagination of course . . .)


Finally, I have added a Design & Technology activity if that appeals to you and a PowerPoint about Internet Safety to read and discuss with your adults, as it's useful to remind yourselves about remaining safe online - a topic we discussed last term. This week's 'Picture News' is the final one, with a focus on being responsible with money along with other news for reflection. Again, it isn't compulsory to do the 'Picture News' tasks, but for those of you who like factual writing, research and news generally, they may appeal to you.


So until next week, take care and the 4S team sends you love and best wishes, as always.


Miss Prendergast


PS - check out exciting and user-friendly PE at home activities and this week's Hip Hop Dance Challenge!

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Hello everyone!


Congratulations to the pupil who got a Silver Mathletics certificate this week and equally well done to the 8 children who gained Bronze certificates. Saturn's Mathletics tally since late March is: 6 Silver and 49 Bronze certificates. I'll provide more updates on other activities next week.


If you like Coding, there are links to Raspberry Pi's free Coding activities for beginners through to advanced users.  They use Scratch and Python. Also, if you like an open-ended maths activity, as an extra challenge, I have included one from the Nrich maths website.  Also different, is the spelling - you will see a specific task each week, using Spelling Frame with its fun, animated activities. 


We love, love, love your fabulous picture diaries, writing tasks, maths, science projects and e-mails. You make us feel happy inside! 


So, as usual, Mrs Jenner, Miss Smith, Ms Dimblebee and I send you our love and best wishes. Stay Safe! 



PS: I am sorry I haven't updated 'Alice . .'  yet - I will do. I had technical difficulties to overcome and I am happy to say I've solved 97% of them!





22nd May 2020 (updated)
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Hello everyone


It goes without saying how lovely it has been to hear about all sorts of positive and uplifting activities during this challenging period. Together, we have addressed anxieties and concerns in order achieve some sense of equanimity or to find an answer to a learning objective.  I have felt humbled finding solutions to queries, whether they were about education, well-being, different approaches to learning, or having a laugh, enjoying moments of empathy and at times, silliness! 


Dear children


There is no home learning for next week, being half-term, but I have uploaded some topics that may interest you:


  • A re-posting of 50 Things to do before you're 11 and three-quarters 
  • The Hay Digital (Book) Festival for KS2 pupils is an absorbing experience where popular and up-and-coming authors talk about and read from their books. I've inserted the front covers of their stories, poetry and non-fiction in the PDF document.
  • Did you know that Cressida Cowell, who wrote How to Train Your Dragon, had poor handwriting and was bad at spelling at school? She encourages children not to worry as story-writing is about the imagination - which is true. These videos are quite long so you might want to watch them in small chunks.
  • I know some of you like sewing, so I have included a video on how to do a running stitch which also links to the vlogger's other videos on hand-sewn crafts. 
  • Also, included is the Picture News newspaper for week beginning, 25th May.

Please remember you must have adult permission before clicking on the images, to launch the videos. (I will add other activities I may come across.)


I will remove assigned Mathletics tasks this evening - which means you can explore and attempt any Mathletics topics, if you wish. No pressure.  I will resume monitoring the site and setting assigned tasks after half term. I will take the same approach with Get Epic!, so you can choose books that tickle your fancy. I have three more chapters from 'Alice in Wonderland' to upload and if you have suggestions for a book you'd like me to read next month, please let me know.


Continue to take care.


Best wishes


Miss Prendergast & the Year 4S Team


14th May 2020
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Dear Everyone!


Thank you again for sending us your delightful messages and home learning and letting us know how emotionally tough it has been. To that end, I hope the creative ideas on the webpage and in the Home Guidance will provide some support and respite. I also hope the friendly ghosties above raise a smile! We are all thinking of you and continue to miss you very much.


For the Hamilton Trust's English option, I chose Year 3 activities as the Year 4 texts, though worthy, were very solemn and not appropriate at this point in time, in my opinion. However, I have created two extension activities as an extra challenge, and there are the Talk for Writing booklets from last week, as well as the persuasive text activity from Oak National Academy.


Please do explore the different folders and familiarise yourselves with the ideas and activities from the Guidance, as usual.


Regarding Mathletics, I will be updating activities after I have uploaded everything onto the web page. It will be interesting to see if there'll be more certificates to send out!


Finally, the 13th May was ‘National Numeracy Day’ and many adults, and children, remain extremely anxious about their maths skills. I understand this because when I was younger (ahem), I too experienced that gnawing fear. I am always happy to help adults regarding the subject but why not first visit NND's website and learn about the adults and children whose lives have been transformed by the campaign’s support?


Kind regards


Miss Prendergast, Mrs Jenner, Miss Smith & Ms Dimblebee

English resources - audio for Day 8

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