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Year 2

Autumn Term 2020

        Welcome to 2M and a brand new year! 

                                                I do hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday                                                and are ready for the year ahead...


I am delight that our brand new History topic this is term is focusing on 'The Titanic’. This topic provides an exciting opportunity to investigate a fascinating event from our past. Not only is there a clear, compelling narrative that pupils can relate to, it also offers opportunities to develop worthwhile historical concepts such as diversity, causation, consequences, interpretations and source analysis.  


In English, we are going to be starting the term by writing stories in familiar settings – the children will create stories based on an animal living under the stairs at home. How did it get there? What problems is it causing? Will it live there forever? We will continue, where appropriate, to use the Talk4Writing approach to our teaching, ensuring active and creative lessons that the children readily participate in and enjoy.


In Maths, we will start by ensuring that the children are secure in numbers to twenty before moving on to addition and subtraction strategies. All of the maths we teach will follow the Maths Essential programme, which is also a whole school approach to learning.


In Science, the children will be learning about how to keep healthy and active and how animals, including humans, grow and develop over time. We will enjoy a variety of activities and investigations to help the children explore the unit in detail.


This term will be exciting and challenging for the children and all the adults in 2M are looking forward to all of the wonderful learning they will be doing. I have attached below an updated ‘Meet the Teacher’ power point, which I hope gives you a brief overview of the year ahead. Ordinarily I would have loved the opportunity to talk this through with you directly; however should you wish to ask any questions about the content please feel free to email me directly.  


I would encourage you to follow us on Twitter if you are not yet doing so - this will give you an excellent insight to all of the learning that 2 Mars (and the rest of the school) get up to.


Kind Regards,

Mrs Pryke


Meet The Teacher 2020