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Year 2

30th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you’re managing to keep well and that your first week of being at home has gone smoothly. We are both adjusting to being at home with our children too; home schooling is a whole new experience! There are a number of new attachments available below to support your child’s learning this week. Again, we have tried to avoid you having to do any printing where possible, and most activities can be completed on plain paper.


We have both sent the children a ‘postcard’ this week; these are attached below. Please can you share these with your children as part of the task set for Topic. We have given them the option of sharing their own postcards that we have asked them to create this week. If you are able to support them to email these over to us that would be great; we'd love to hear about what they've been up to. We would also suggest that this could be a nice thing to share among your parent groups as a way of helping the children to keep in touch with each other.


You’ll see a link to Go Noodle on this week’s activity sheet. We would encourage the children to complete the ‘Chin Up’ mindfulness activity once a day as we were doing this daily, prior to the school closing, so it will be familiar to them. If not, we would recommend that you take 5 minutes to do another mindfulness activity with your children every day, either using an app like Headspace or just doing some deep breathing exercises (in for 4 – hold for 7 – out for 8 – for one minute).


It's wonderful to see how many books the children have been reading on Get Epic! We think it's more than 300 collectively! We have attached a suggested 'calendar of reading' for April, which the children may enjoy following as a challenge.


We remain available to answer any questions or queries that you may have. Please continue to email both of us and we can make sure that one of us gets back to you. If you have any photos of home learning that your children have completed, please send it through to us so that we can add it to the ‘gallery’ section of the website. Please don’t send photos of the children at this point though, just any activities they have done.


Very best wishes and stay safe!


Mrs Smith and Mrs Jones



Get Epic! Calendar of Reading