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Year 2


Spring Term 2020



Welcome to the Spring term!


This term's topic is 'Our World' which encompasses a range of geographical knowledge and skills. We will be looking at places the children themselves have visited and thinking about how these compare to other areas of the world. We will use a range of interactive maps to explore physical and human geography; both of our local area and further afield. Later in the term we will begin to create our own maps and explore the use of symbols and keys.


In English, we are going to be starting the term by writing all about our Christmas  holidays. We will spend the rest of the half term exploring the lives of dragons starting by sharing dragon stories and poems. Armed with a variety of ideas, the children will then write their own fantasy stories. Creating art, taking part in drama and listening to music will enhance their learning experiences. We will use the Talk4Writing approach to help us internalise a set of instructions by using actions and drawings. The children will read, discuss, plan and write their own instructions based on ‘how to trap a dragon’.


In maths, we will be adding and subtracting 2 2-digit numbers. This unit of work will take us up to half term. After that, we will continue to learn to tell the time to 15-minute intervals and then, for some, to five-minute intervals. We will then move on to shape where we will be learning to name properties of both 2D and 3D shapes. All of the maths we teach will follow the Maths Essential programme, which is also a whole school approach to learning.


In science, the children will deepen their understanding of materials, building on the work they did in year 1. We will be thinking about the best use of materials, recycling, upcycling and reusing.  After half term, we will welcome the Living Eggs project back into school and enjoy lots of learning around hatching and raising live chicks. This will promise to be an exciting time for all of the children! Our school garden will be in full use during our ‘plants’ unit; working in-situ helps to develop the understanding of the children and enhance their learning experience.  


We are sure this term will be both exciting and challenging for the children and we look forward to all of the wonderful learning they will be doing.


If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to catch the teaching team briefly before or after school, or make an appointment via the office.


Please do keep checking back for updates, and follow us on Twitter if you aren't yet doing so - this will give you an excellent insight to all of the learning that 2 Mars and the rest of the school get up to.


Kind Regards,


The Year 2 Teaching Team

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