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Year 1

Autumn 2020

Welcome to 1E and a brand new school year!


We hope that you have had a wonderful summer and that the children are ready for an exciting year of learning. We are really excited to welcome your children back to school and to help them on their learning journey once more. Below is a brief outline of what we’ll be covering over the Autumn Term. Please be assured that we are taking slow steps into formal learning so the children will have lots of opportunity for play over the first few weeks.


In English, we are going to be starting the term by writing recounts all about our summer holiday. This is a great way for the children to get back into the habit of writing. We are then going to explore the book ‘Last Stop on Market Street’ together. This is a beautiful book, full of questions to be answered, characters to discover and vocabulary to inspire. We will use the book to take us on a story-writing journey, and, importantly, to give us the opportunity to enjoy quality books together as a class.


In Maths, we will start by ensuring that the children are secure in numbers to five before moving on to anything else. We will use many different resources to help them understand number, ensuring that they develop a love of maths! All of the maths we teach will follow the Maths Essential programme, which is also a whole school approach to learning.


 In Science, the children will be learning all about animal groups, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, and about the human body, focusing on the senses. They will learn through a variety of activities; some will be adult led and others will be independent.


Our geography topic this is term is focusing on 'Our School’. This topic provides an opportunity for the children to devise simple maps, to use basic map skills and use their observational skills.   


This term will be exciting and challenging for the children following such a long time away from school. The 1E team are very much looking forward to helping them settle back into school and ensuring that they have a happy learning experience. We have attached below a ‘Meet the Teacher’ power point, which we hope gives you a brief overview of the year ahead; should you wish to ask any questions about the content please feel free to email either of us directly.


With best wishes,


The 1E teaching team – Mrs Jones (class teacher), Mrs Evans (class teacher) and Mrs Shepherd (TA)



Meet the teacher 2020-2021

Reception intake 2021: If you would like to request a virtual meeting with the Headteacher, please contact the office. Our video tour can be viewed on our 'About Us' section.