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Mrs Smith’s Postcard to 2M

Mrs Smith's Postcard to 2M

Dear 2M


I hope you're all ok and have been enjoying some sunshine this week. I set myself a challenge last week to put a video on the school website and I'm proud to say I've finally done it! It took a long time, and a lot of the 6Rs but I got there in the end!


Thank you to everyone who has sent Mrs Jones and I an email this week. I can't tell you how super-proud we are of all of you. Not just for the learning you are doing, but also for the kindness you are showing each other and for the amazing variety of ways you are filling your time!


I have had a lovely, and very busy week. Today I have been in to school to look after some of the children who are there. I will tell you a bit more about that in the video above.


My girls have finished painting some special china rainbows that we made to send to people we love but can't see at the moment. I have spotted lots of amazing wildlife this week so I am posting pictures of some of the beautiful flowers I have spotted, a caterpillar that I found on my sleeve and Cerys rescued by putting it on a bean plant, an egret that I spotted at Hartham, and Murphy on my walk tonight by the river.


Have a look at the video above and if you take up the art challenge, be sure to send us a picture!


Missing you all lots! Take care and keep smiling smiley


Love from


Mrs Smith



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