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Friends OF Mill Mead School

FOMMS is Mill Mead's Parent Teacher Association (Friends of Mill Mead School).


FOMMS is a registered charitable organisation.  We have an AGM and an elected committee.  All parents of Mill Mead pupils are automatically members of FOMMS and are entitled to attend the monthly FOMMS meetings. 


FOMMS works in very close partnership with the school.  We have a very busy diary and an extremely successful  fundraising record.  In recent years FOMMS has raised in excess of £10,000 each year.  This money has been used to supplement the finite funding by the LEA and has allowed additional purchases which the teachers are able to use to the greater benefit of the pupils of Mill Mead School.


The money FOMMS raises does make a hugh difference to the success of Mill Mead school.  In the last school year the school has used FOMMS' donations to supplement the purchase of various items.  These have ranged from major capital works, such as the redevelopment of the Wharf area, through to the simple purchases of turkeys for Christmas lunch and ice lollies for children participating in Sports Day.  Money is also made available to each teacher to fund items specifically for their classes.  FOMMS also provide funds annually for Christmas entertainment for the children. 



Constitution 2018

Committee Members

Chairperson  Sam Moore
Secretary Felicity Reed
Treasurer Sophie Gurr
Bar Co-ordinator Dave Smith
Christmas Fair TBC (2019)
Camp Out TBC
Fete Co-ordinator TBC
Notice Boards Rachel Morriss
Advertising Poster Design Eleanor Wright
Marking and Social Media Kerensa Gagg
Pantomime TBC (2020)
Easy Fundraising Michelle Smith
Second Hand Uniform Sales Tai Christie
FOMMS Webiste Alice Thorp


FOMMS Representatives 

Nursery Mercury Gaby Emmet and Lisa Byrne
Reception Venus Melanie Fitzgibbons
1 Earth Jen Allatt-Taylor and Gaby Emmet
2 Mars Kate Lopez and Lisa Byrne
3 Jupiter Katy Hemingway
4 Saturn Helen O'Keefe and Kate Lopez
5 Uranus Fiona Medcalf
6 Neptune Lisa Slade


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