Additional Activities

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Additional Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities available to pupils during lunch breaks and out of school hours. These currently include:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Arts & crafts
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At Mill Mead we value the impact that PE and sport can play in a child’s development. One of our core school beliefs is that we should equip children with the skills and attitudes necessary to help them in all aspects of life. We aim to make PE and sport an integral part of the curriculum, using it as a vehicle to help children develop physical skills, exercise, build friendships, have fun, learn about teamwork, fair play, and improve self-esteem. One way in which we do this is by providing opportunities to compete in sport through PE lessons and other activities and competitions outside of school.

The government has committed to provide funding to primary-aged pupils until 2020, in order to build on the legacy of the 2012 Olympics. The money is designed to be used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport. Below is a breakdown of how we have used this funding and the impact it has had.

Government Budget Spend 14-15

Government Budget Spend 15-16

Government Budget Spend 16-17


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Residential Visits

Mill Mead provides numerous opportunities for extending learning outside the School including foreign residentials. In the past these have included the following:

Year 3 Stibbington 
Year 4 Cuffley Camp
Year 5 France
Year 6 France

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Educational Visits

Within the curriculum, each year group aims, where possible, to offer educational visits linked to topics studied. These could include trips to museums, farms and local businesses.

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School Council

The School Council is the pupils’ voice in our school. They make a difference by thinking of new and exciting ways to make Mill Mead a better school. Meeting regularly, the School Council are resourceful in finding ways to take responsibility for our school community, the local community and the global community. The School Council are always ready to make a difference and show resilience in their work; they never give up with their ultimate aim of improving the school. The School Council are reflective in their meetings and consider how best to carry out projects and tasks. There are two School Council representatives in each class from Years 2 to 5.

Year 6 pupils are able to apply for a position on the Executive Committee. Pupils applying for a position on this committee have to complete an application form which also asks for a reference. Successful applicants are then invited to attend an interview with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. This group are responsible for the organisation of the School Council and ensuring that projects and action plans are running efficiently.

Executive Committee:

  • Chairperson
  • Financial Secretary
  • Reporting Officers
  • Fair Trade Team
  • Eco Officers Team
  • Charities Officers
  • School Ambassadors

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